Working with Kibana

One week over with my Outreachy project. Few tasks completed and few more new tasks being assigned for next week 🙂

As per last week’s tasks, mentioned by my mentors, I had an insight into Kibana and ElasticSearch, over which I will be working later on. It was nice setting up a demo dashboard in Kibana.

What is Kibana???

Kibana is a flexible analytics and visualization platform. It helps in instant sharing and embedding of dashboards. It also helps in understanding large volumes of data easily by creating bar charts, pie charts etc. We can easily create, save, share, and embed visualized data for quick communications.

Apart from this, I also completed the testing for threading code. The testing code is available in my github repository.

When these two tasks were done, in today’s meeting few more tasks are being assigned.

As quoted by my mentors, tasks for the next week:

  1. Write a script that uploads both the raw Perceval output on an mbox, and the threading info, to ElasticSearch
  2. Write a script that uploads the Perceval output on a git repo to ElasticSearch
  3. Produce a simple dashboard for either the git or the mbox info (or both) in Kibana.
  4. Analyze the git for the Linux kernel with Perceval, and upload results to ElasticSearch.

So here goes today’s meeting’s complete conversation.


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