Getting Started with Outreachy Project

Happy that I got a good start with my project!

My project started with a short meeting with my mentors in IRC. One of my mentors briefed me the whole project like what I will be doing and how. Even though it was a short meeting, lots of details regarding my project was obtained. Thanks to my mentors!

These are the conversations happened Project-conversations.

So here goes the outline of my Outreachy project as quoted by my mentors:

  • Using Perceval, get the metainformation for some mboxes and from commit records in git repositories.
  • Thread the metainformation about messages, and match threads to commits.
  • Once the matching is complete, produce a combined set of information, with the thread id, the commit hash, and some info about both the thread and the commit, like the thread subject, time span, participants, commit author, date, length.
  • Upload the raw information to ElasticSearch, and then when the combined info is produced, upload that also to Elasticsearch and finally produce a dashboard for kibana.

I have started by setting up ElasticSearch and Kibana and I’m working in parallel on other tasks given. Hope to complete it soon.


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