My experience with Outreachy’12 with the Xen Project

I feel happy to have been chosen as an intern for Outreachy Program for women. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to the Xen project!

I didnt have much plans to work for  and get selected for the Outreacy project, but it was through the FOSS club in my University, that I came to know about Outreachy, and then the Xen project

The project on which I am working on is titled ‘Xen Code Review Dashboard’.  I was nearing the deadline when I came to know about this project. Apparently, that was not at all an issue. Xen organization is very flexible and comfortable to work with. If you have submitted a nearly good proposal before the deadline, and worked on the microtasks given, your chances are high. Organizations like Xen evaluate proposals by assigning you with certain micro-tasks, and your approach to it.

I had submitted my application few hours before the deadline and contacted the mentors regarding the details of the project. The mentors of Xen were very helpful. They were readily available once I was stuck up somewhere with my work. They always gave a pleasant response without delay. That gave me a great confidence.

Let me quote down the microtask which I received from my mentors:

Write a script to use the Perceval E-mail backend to feed data from the xen-devel mailing list to an ElasticSearch database and annotating in it the messages in the same thread.

Basically I used jwzthreading algorithm to group similar threads. Firstly, I ran Perceval over the xen-devel mailbox and got a JSON output. Then the mbox mails were given as input to the jwzthreading algorithm, which produces a list of message-ids belonging to same thread. Based on these message-ids, a property tag was added to JSON file  to identify messages from similar threads. For complete code, you check my github repository.

Currently I am working over the testing part of this task, and I thank my mentors for providing me this wonderful opportunity and helping me throughout.

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